I cannot recommend John Kent and Michael Zimmerman’s Voice Dialogue workshops highly enough. I attend them regularly, and have gained valuable insights and techniques which I find useful throughout my life.
Sarah Robertson, Lecturer

Clients appreciate Voice Dialogue as a tool that helps them to make sense of their behaviours. John's expertise, teaching style and use of humour make him an invaluable mentor.
Liz Parmenter, MS, Counsellor

I came away feeling sure that each of us does have the opportunity to learn more than a little from our chosen partner and that growth is possible after the 'falling in love' period is over.
Nigel Robson, Professional Singer

Not only is John an excellent Voice Dialogue facilitator, but he also has the gift of being able to teach the process to others in a clear and effective way.
Michael Dolores, M.D., Family Practitioner, Psychiatrist

Our session this morning was yet another reminder of the power of embracing vulnerability and that it never goes no matter how far we get in this work! Thank you.
Anita Rolls, Executive Coach and Founder of Career Intelligence Academy

A big thank you for an amazing two days. I don't know if I have been as deeply impressed and as widely educated in two days before.
Dan Norman, Personal Trainer and Coach

Well, today I saw just how much I have learned from John and Michael in a professional context. Thanks to you guys I'm finding that I can work much more confidently now and with a real sense of what I am doing.
Helena Weaver, EFT Practitioner (Adv) and Trainer

John, together with Michael Zimmerman, brought the process to life with both theory and practice combined. I found their sincere and sensitive approach to teaching most inspiring.
Nigel Rustin, Entrepreneur and Businessman

I find the voice dialogue a wonderful model to work with. I recommend this to anybody interested in developing their awareness and assisting others in doing so as well.
Lenita van Hoff, Social Worker

A powerful, highly professional and well structured seminar. John and Michael are excellent facilitators and loads of fun to be around.
Tamar El Sheikh Life Coach and Author

I would also like to thank you and Michael for a great workshop. For me it was incredibly valuable to have this explained and demonstrated live.
Mike Honen, Business Consultant, Coach and Trainer

The way John and Michael worked was inspirational. I feel like I have been given a precious gift that will last me for the rest of my life.
Frances Mills, wife and mother

We are very pleased to recommend to you the teachings of John Kent. We consider him to be an outstanding facilitator and teacher of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves.
Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, creators of Voice Dialogue

John is very bright, very organized and very knowledgeable in our work. Besides all of this, he has a wonderful sense of humour that makes the work and learning fun.
Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, creators of Voice Dialogue

The Voice Dialogue workshop that John Kent leads has given me a psychological understanding and a self-awareness on an amazingly deep level. This insight is of utmost value to me in my role as CEO and business consultant.

Anne Neppare, CEO Cognosis

Thank you for an amazing weekend, the effects of which are still bubbling away inside me.
Julia Bennett, Counselling Student

John is a very informed and informative teacher and his gentle and interactive approach contributed to a greater understanding of this very beneficial technique.
Sara Ives, Project Manager

The weekend was a revelation for me full of surprises. Thank you so much for your excellent teaching. I loved the combination of you and Michael as you are both able to express the work in your unique ways.
Kate Williams, Body Worker

Thanks for the session today, I found it very interesting and I appreciated your skill in facilitating me in some sensitive areas.
Giles Megginson

The Voice Dialogue workshop blew me away by it's simplicity and power. As a Counsellor and Coach I can see how useful it will be in both areas of my work and personally.
Naila Darr, Counsellor

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have clarity, self acceptance and resolve conflict. John and Michael teach with sensitivity, depth and a thorough knowledge of this self empowering technique.
Naila Darr, Counsellor

Thank you for the excellent session yesterday. It was of tremendous value to me and exactly what I needed. I came away on a high.
Dermot Fitzpatrick, Management Trainer and Life Coach

The voice dialogue facilitation workshop that John teaches makes for a fascinating and fun weekend. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to find out more about who they really.
Jay Beichman, Counsellor

Thank you again for your expertise, awareness and empathy. The sessions have truly been beneficial, I have been feeling a definite shift and I shall look forward to exploring further with you down the track.
Glenn Perry, Property manager

"I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful work with me today. I loved it! It really was profound for me."
Monica Dively, Mother and Receptionist

I just wanted to say a big thank you for facilitating my session yesterday. You have a real skill of making the most of each session and I feel I'm so fortunate to have met you.
Michael Worral, Corporate Health Specialist

Thank you for the sessions which I have found creative, enlightening and liberating.
Catherine Page, Psychotherapist

John and Michael are complete teachers and I am very grateful for your energy, care and expertise.
Dan Norman, Personal Trainer and Coach