Introduction to Voice Dialogue

Part I: Meet Your Selves

"Selves or parts are constantly operating in everyone. Voice Dialogue gives us a chance to objectify them, to recognise them, to name them, to understand them and work with them creatively. When we use Voice Dialogue, we are becoming sensitive to the dramas played out by these selves."
Dr Hal Stone

Each of us is made up of many different “selves” or parts. In this workshop we will first focus on the more dominant or “primary” parts of the personality, and look at the amazing system of selves that protects us and keeps us safe in the world. We will identify who these selves are, where they come from, and how they influence all the choices we make.

Having explored our primary selves we will take a look at those parts of us that have been hidden away in the shadows - our “disowned” selves. We will learn how to make friends safely with the “darker sides” of our personality and appreciate the gifts they bring. We will discover how these selves can enhance our life and bring us new and creative ways to deal with life’s challenges.

The workshop will include:

  • The theory of the Psychology of Selves
  • How to access our primary and disowned selves safely
  • The power of vulnerability
  • The origin and gift of our judgements
  • Demonstrations of the Voice Dialogue technique
  • Video extracts
  • Exercises to do at home to increase awareness of our selves

This workshop takes place over two days, from 10am – 5pm each day. Maximum group size 6.

Rate for 2021, £300 per person - including course materials.

The Benefits

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Understand what’s stopping you from doing things you really want to do

  • Know why certain people push your buttons

  • Access untapped sources of energy and creativity

  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem

"Embracing Our Selves"

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