Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voice Dialogue?

Voice Dialogue is a method for entering into direct communication with a person's inner community of selves. Each self or sub-personality is addressed with full recognition of both its individual importance and its role as only a part of the total personality.

What is the Psychology of Selves?

This is the name that Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone have given to the theoretical framework for Voice Dialogue. It describes the development of the different selves; the interaction of the selves with one another; and the relationship between the selves of two people or bonding patterns. It also includes the three levels of their consciousness model:  Awareness, Experience of the Selves and the Aware Ego Process.

What is a Primary Self?

This is a self that is dominant in the personality and one that a person is identified with. There is an initial primary self that developed in infancy or early childhood called the Protector/Controller or Security Guard. Other typical Primary selves for Westerners are: the Rule Maker, the Critic, the Pusher, the Pleaser, and the Perfectionist. As a person matures, other selves develop or come forward, so a primary self may be current but not initial.

What are Disowned Selves?

These are the selves that represent the opposite value structure from the primary selves. They are the selves that had to be rejected or hidden in the growing up process.

What is the Aware Ego Process?

Every time we access and then separate from a primary or disowned self we enter into and strengthen the Aware Ego. For example, if you are strongly identified with a Pusher self and then you separate from it, the “you” that began the Voice Dialogue session is no longer the same “you” because you are no longer identified with your Pusher. You are then free to go to the other side and access your Easy Going self, understand its motivation and then separate from it. When you come back to centre you are again a new “you” - one that is now no longer identified with your Pusher or with your Easy Going self. Resting between this pair of opposites is the Aware Ego.

The Aware Ego is constantly in process - a process of learning to stand in the space between opposites. Since there are literally hundreds of opposite selves, the process is a dynamic one and continually evolving. 

Tuesday, 08 August 2017
Paradigm Shift
In a previous blog, Beyond the Selves, I likened our many selves to the rainbow of colours formed when pure light is refracted through a prism; the characters in a movie appearing on a TV or computer screen; or the waves dancing on the surface of the ocean. I suggested that the practice of Voice Dialogue, and the consequent development of an Aware Ego Process, naturally leads us to a deeper enquiry into the nature of the metaphorical light, screen or ocean. In other words, to the source of the selves. It is an enquiry that challenges our most basic assumptions about who we really are.Until Aristotle proved empirically that the earth was a sphere around 330BC, people believed that the earth was flat. It "made sense". If you walked or sailed far enough you would "of course" come to the edge. more >>