Free Demonstration Evenings

Once a month John organises a demonstration evening for people unfamiliar with Voice Dialogue. It is open to everyone and gives a basic introduction to the work.

During the evening John will:

  • Talk about the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego process
  • Give a short demonstration of Voice Dialogue techniques
  • Answer questions

The demo evening lasts 2 hours, from 7 - 9pm. Maximum group size 8.


Master Class: Four Steps

31 October - 1 November 2015

‘Voice Dialogue is the name of a primary methodology that has to do with the identification and objectification of the multiplicity of Selves of which we are composed. Part One of the process has to do with talking to the Selves. Part Two of the process occurs with the development of the Aware Ego Process as we are able to embrace oppositional Selves in a conscious way. The Aware Ego is not a Self but rather a coordinating energy system that learns to embrace all of the Selves and eventually to embrace all of the oppositional Selves that are alive in us.

‘Part three is learning how to operate in the world with a new and different framework, and begin to free ourselves of our judgmental nature as we learn to embrace this huge multiplicity of Selves. Part four is a gradual evolutionary movement that leads us to the experience of the Source Field that is the creator of the cosmos of which earth and its environs is only one small part. It creates our psycho-spiritual system, or software, and it creates those attributes we have that allow us to live successfully on earth itself. It carries that map of our inner destiny. It has no doctrine, nor dogma. It is not male or female. Spiritual reality gives us the experience of God energy just as life gives us the many experiences of earth energy.’

-  Hal Stone, in conversation with John, California, March 2015

This weekend workshop will look at this four-part process in detail and examine the theoretical and practical implications for us as facilitators. John and Michael will talk about and demonstrate various aspects of each of the steps. You will be invited to share your understanding and personal experience and will also have the opportunity to review, revise and practice your facilitation skills.



John Kent & Michael Zimmerman

Who can participate?

Anyone who has completed the Facilitator Training with John.

Maximum group size 10


Kew, West London

Dates and Times

Saturday 31st October, 10am - 5.30pm

Sunday 1st November, 9am - 4pm


£185 per person


To register or for more information contact John


Course Dates

This course is due to run on the following date(s)
23 - October London register interest

Talks & Presentations

We are happy to give a talk, presentation, demonstration or a small introductory workshop to your group or organisation on any aspect of Voice Dialogue. Please contact us if you are interested in organising an event.