Free Demonstration Evenings

Once a month John organises a demonstration evening for people unfamiliar with Voice Dialogue. It is open to everyone and gives a basic introduction to the work.

During the evening John will:

  • Talk about the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego process
  • Give a short demonstration of Voice Dialogue techniques
  • Answer questions

The demo evening lasts 2 hours, from 7 - 9pm. Maximum group size 8.


Master Class:

Transitions - Facilitating Life's Crossroads

20 February - 21 February 2016

'Throughout nature, growth involves periodic accelerations and transformations: things go slowly for a time and nothing seems to happen – until suddenly the eggshell cracks, the branch blossoms, the tadpole’s tail shrinks away, the leaf falls, the bird molts, the hibernation begins. With us it is the same. Although the signs are less clear than in the world of feather and leaf, the functions of transition times are the same. They are key times in the natural process of development and self-renewal. Without an understanding of such natural times of transition, we are left impossibly hoping that change will bypass us and let us go on with our lives as before….. Change is the norm and somehow or other we need to develop ways of dealing with it productively.’
- William Bridges, from “Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes”

‘A transition can be large or small, and when it is large, transition is a zone of transformation. I want to speak of transition as the precipitating event of transformation. In transition lies the possibility of metamorphosis - a complete change of form and the emergence of a new life. In transformation the old self is shed and a new self emerges. It is the ending of one life for a very new, and as yet unknown, life.’
-  Bob Anderson, from “Transformation is not for Sissies”

The Training

This weekend workshop will examine how to use Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of the Aware Ego Process as a tool for better handling various transitions in our lives - from changing jobs, locations or partners to dealing with the incapacities of illness, the ageing process and the loss of a loved one.

The Chinese character for crisis is formed of two ideograms. The first, “wei”, means danger or risk. The second, “gi”, means opportunity. Drawing from their personal experiences of major life transitions, the trainers will lead participants in an exploration of both the dangers and opportunities inherent in any transition, large or small.



Alice Simmonds is a highly experienced psychotherapist and Voice Dialogue practitioner. The recent sudden death of her husband and consequent upheaval in her life have made her keenly aware of how important is it to approach change with an open mind, allowing all her selves to be felt and accepted.

John Kent has been through many transitions as he has wandered the planet - changing careers, countries and partners. Recently, the ageing process and health issues have led him slowly and inexorably to deal with some major new transitions.

Who can participate?

Anyone who has completed the Facilitator Training with John.

Maximum group size 10


Kew, West London

Dates and Times

Saturday 20th February, 10am - 5.30pm

Sunday 21st February, 9am - 4pm


£220 per person


To register or for more information contact John


Master Class: Working with Couples

Led by Ana Barner

11 June 2016

Details coming soon.


To register or for more information contact John

Course Dates

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Talks & Presentations

We are happy to give a talk, presentation, demonstration or a small introductory workshop to your group or organisation on any aspect of Voice Dialogue. Please contact us if you are interested in organising an event.