Free Demonstration Evenings

Once a month John organises a demonstration evening for people unfamiliar with Voice Dialogue. It is open to everyone and gives a basic introduction to the work.

During the evening John will:

  • Talk about the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego process
  • Give a short demonstration of Voice Dialogue techniques
  • Answer questions

The demo evening lasts 2 hours, from 7 - 9pm. Maximum group size 8.


Master Class: Transpersonal Dialogue

- with Ana Barner 

16th - 17th May 2015


Transpersonal Dialogue

In Voice Dialogue we approach any thought, feeling or energy as a part of us that can be separated out and looked at. This develops an Aware Ego Process that stays connected to the personality, allowing us to consciously engage these different Selves in our daily life.
Transpersonal Dialogue extends this process of dis-identification. It initiates and facilitates an inquiry into the consciousness within us that is beyond our personality and the Aware Ego Process. In this way it resembles spiritual traditions and transpersonal philosophies. By exploring the different Selves, dis-identifying from them and expanding the Aware Ego Process, we ask the ultimate question: "Who am I?"


We can access the Transpersonal through the above-described process of dis-identification. Another way is to explore disowned energies, the very spaces we tend to avoid: depression, fear, emptiness, confusion, loneliness, a feeling of being separate, blankness, strong vulnerability,... Being held by the facilitator during a session, we can experience these intense feelings without withdrawing. Often an energetic shift then occurs spontaneously as we drop into our transpersonal essence. In this way the deep exploration of disowned selves can function as gateways.

The Transpersonal in Everyday Life

Transpersonal Dialogue is one of the many processes that can remind us of the reality that we are more than our personality. As Voice Dialogue develops our Aware Ego Process, Transpersonal Dialogue provides a direct experience of our essence. This powerful consciousness tool also encourages the extension of this presence in our daily life.

During a session, we can actively deepen our ability to stay centred in the transpersonal reality along with the Aware Ego Process and all our Selves. In this way Transpersonal Dialogue can function as a bridge between the personal and the transpersonal, expanding Voice Dialogue into a transformational practice.

Teaching Methodology

  • Interactive teaching from the trainer
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Demonstrations
  • Group and pair work
  • Practical exercises


Ana Barner was born in 1956 in Northern Germany. After studying Psychology and Social Work in the Netherlands she traveled and lived in Israel, Asia, India and the USA. From 1980 to 1985 she became involved in a psycho/spiritual community in India and the USA. Throughout those years she explored and was trained in different therapeutic modalities: co-counselling, radical therapy, rebirthing, hypnotherapy, encounter groups, primal therapy and a variety of meditation techniques.

Moving to Australia in 1985, Ana became involved in Voice Dialogue and helped organise Drs Hal and Sidra Stone's first tour in Australia. Since then she has trained and worked with Hal and Sidra as a senior staff member in Australia and overseas. In the early 90s Ana started the Sydney Voice Dialogue Centre and then took Voice Dialogue to New Zealand. After experiencing another spiritual transition in the mid-nineties Ana started to develop techniques within Voice Dialogue that allow the client to access and inhabit a more transcendent reality, calling this process Transpersonal Dialogue.

Ana now lives in Northern New South Wales in Australia where she teaches Voice Dialogue workshops and trainings, Transpersonal Dialogue and Big Mind Big Heart. Her specialty is relationship issues and connecting personality and essence.

Who can participate?

  • Seasoned Voice Dialogue facilitator
  • Being open to personal process
  • Ability to laugh and have fun!

Maximum group size 12.


Kew, West London

Dates and Times

Saturday May 16th 2015,  10.00 - 18.00.

Sunday May 17th 2015,  09.00 - 17.00.


Course Dates

This course is due to run on the following date(s)
21 - May London register interest

Talks & Presentations

We are happy to give a talk, presentation, demonstration or a small introductory workshop to your group or organisation on any aspect of Voice Dialogue. Please contact us if you are interested in organising an event.